Toffee Pretzels

to Prep & to Cook

Yields 64 (32 servings × 2)

A quick recipe for toffee-covered crunchy pretzels that are sure to delight.


1 splash Water

1 pinch Sea Salt

64 Mini Pretzels

2 tbsp Butter

2 cups Sugar


First, lay out all the mini pretzels on your baking mat.

Combine sea salt, sugar, and water in a saucepan. Use just enough water to make the sugar and salt mixture the consistency of wet sand. Add butter and heat, stirring frequently.

At some point the mixture should turn into a golden brown or amber color with a smooth consistency (very few bits of grainy sugar chunks visible). At this point, remove from heat and drizzle with a spoon over your pretzels.

Once you have the hang of the recipe, you can add different things to change the flavors. This batch had vanilla added instead of water (side effect: makes it harder to tell when it caramelizes) and some warm, melted chunky peanut butter stirred in at the end to make it more like a peanut brittle.

You can also use the toffee coating on its own to make a giant toffee bar or to coat other snacks.

Recipe by Big Dave from SLN