Morel Mushroom And Fontinella Cheese Pizza

to Prep & to Cook

Yields 1 (4 servings × 2)

If you are not fortunate enough to have morels in your back yard you can always substitute with shitake, baby portabella or cremini mushrooms.


2 cups fresh Morel Mushrooms (cleaned and soaked)

0.25 cup olive oil

1 large sweet Vidalia onion (sliced into 0.25 inch rounds)

1 cup fresh grated parmesan

2 cups thin sliced Fontinella cheese

2 tbsp salt-kosher

2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

1 cup cooked crumbled bacon

0.5 cup corn meal for dusting

2 6 oz balls of pizza dough (sold frozen or can be purchased at your local pizzeria)


Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.

Roll the pizza dough on a cornmeal-dusted surface to a 12 inch round.

In a 12-inch heavy skillet over moderate heat, cook onions in half of the olive oil, stirring frequently, until deep golden (about 15 minutes). Place onions in small bowl and set aside.

Using the same skillet heat the remaining olive oil to medium high and add mushrooms. Cook for 3 minutes or until mushrooms begin to sweat and soften. Toss in onions and keep warm over low heat.

Place dough on a pizza pan or cookie sheet and top with cheese, bacon and mushroom mixture. Cook for 10 minutes and serve.

Recipe by Sue